Podcast: Your IndyCar questions answered - The Race

Podcast: Your IndyCar questions answered

Nov 24 2021

This week’s The Race IndyCar Podcast is all about you, with a special episode dedicated to answering listeners’ questions on the world of IndyCar and American motorsport.

Regular host JR Hildebrand and The Race’s American Editor Jack Benyon take on topics like ‘which drivers are not in IndyCar that should be?’, ‘what should IndyCar do to stop the demise of ovals?’ and JR talks about what it feels like to race in the Indianapolis 500 and the emotions building up to it.

More of the topics on this week’s episode

– Blue flag rules that cost Grosjean earlier in the year

– How to keep IndyCar on its current trajectory, and should it race abroad?

– NASCAR champion Kyle Larson and the rumours about him in the Indy 500

– What’s next for James Hinchcliffe after his Andretti exit?

– If there was an IndyCar race in the UK, where would you have it?

Those are just some of the topics taken on by the regular hosts this week. If you have more questions, send them in via social media, email or in the comments and they could be included on future episodes.

The Race IndyCar Podcast will continue through the off-season to provide series insight and interviews.

Nov 24 : Your IndyCar questions answered!

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