Spanish GP becomes latest MotoGP race postponed over COVID-19

Mar 26 2020
By Simon Patterson

The Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez has become the latest race of the 2020 MotoGP season to be postponed, as the country continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally scheduled to take place on May 3, the Jerez race was postponed indefinitely this morning by the FIM.

It comes as no surprise as events unfortunately continue to worsen in Spain. The country is now facing 50,000 cases of the respiratory illness and yesterday overtook China to have the second-most deaths (after Italy), meaning it was only a matter of time before it became unfeasible to hold the Jerez event as scheduled.

However, unlike with other postponed races, there has been no new date announced for the Spanish GP. In a statement, the FIM admitted that the current situation means rescheduling is difficult at the moment.

“As the situation remains in a state of constant evolution, a new date for the Spanish GP cannot be confirmed until it becomes clearer when exactly it will be possible to hold the event. A revised calendar will be published as soon as available,” the FIM statement read.

That marks a change in strategy by FIM and series organisers Dorna, as the reality of the current global situation means it’s impossible at this time to know when racing will get back underway.

However, recent comments by FIM president Jorge Viegas mean it is possible we’ll see a Spanish Grand Prix should racing get underway this year.

Viegas is keen to keep the season running as late as January 2021 to see it through to at least partial completion, and Jerez’s location on Spain’s southern Mediterranean coast means the circuit remains usable year-round.


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