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MotoGP podcast: The tech lowdown on Ducati’s erratic 2020

Nov 3 2020

Ducati’s rollercoaster 2020 MotoGP season is explored in great detail in a special episode of The Race MotoGP Podcast looking at the major tech stories of the year so far.

MotoGP Technology author and all-round tech guru Neil Spalding joins Toby Moody to discuss what’s going on under the skin of all the manufacturers on the grid, with a special focus on the red bikes from Italy.

‘Spalders’ explains why the Michelin tyre change for this year hurt Ducati so much, and there’s also a look at Ducati’s MotoGP journey since 2002, including what made it successful in the past, and where it went wrong a decade ago when it was a championship-contending force. Is one championship success during nearly two decades of GP racing a good enough return?

As well as looking at why things appear to be falling apart at the seams inside Ducati this year, Toby and Spalders run through the fortunes of the other five manufacturers, explaining what Honda appears to have done to turn its fortunes around in the absence of Marc Marquez, how Yamaha is managing its early-season engine crisis to the end of the year, Suzuki’s quiet-but-frequent improvements, why KTM’s momentum seems to have stalled, and what’s stopped Aprilia delivering on its high hopes from pre-season.

To find the show via your favourite podcast provider, search for ‘The Race MotoGP Podcast’.

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