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Moto3 rider handed two-race ban for causing horror COTA crash

Oct 3 2021
By Valentin Khorounzhiy

Moto3 rider Deniz Oncu has received a two-race ban for triggering a terrifying multi-bike incident during the category’s race at the Circuit of the Americas.

Tech3’s Oncu was adjudged to have swerved into the path of Jeremy Alcoba as the pair tussled for fifth place on the back straight during the second portion of the race, following the initial red flag caused by a big Filip Salac crash.

But the Oncu-Alcoba incident proved bigger still as Alcoba went down and his fallen bike acted as a ramp for both Andrea Migno and championship leader Pedro Acosta, the pair too close behind the accident to avoid crashing.

Migno and Alcoba looked fortunate not to be struck by following riders coming through at speed on the back straight, while Acosta actually tumbled into the guard rail – but fortunately all three escaped serious injury.

The incident was placed under investigation shortly thereafter and the subsequent stewards’ verdict stated that Oncu was “found to have caused a crash by swerving into the line of another rider”.

This was deemed “irresponsible riding causing danger to other competitors”, and as a punishment Oncu will sit out both the Misano and Portimao races.

This means the Turkish rider – 11th in the championship and a three-time podium finisher this season – will only return to competition in the Valencia finale.

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