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Video: Ranking the 2022 F1 drivers from worst to best

Nov 28 2022

Our team of Formula 1 writers has closely followed the progress of all 22 drivers that participated in the 2022 F1 season – and now the season is over it’s time to reveal our ranking of the 20 full-timers from worst to best.

This ranking is not simply about ordering the best drivers based on their overall ability, but specifically analysing their performance levels relative to their available machinery.

Substitutes Nico Hulkenberg and Nyck de Vries are specifically excluded, because the fact they only did a handful of races between them makes comparison to the rest of the F1 grid unfair.

But as for the others, we’ve come up with an order – taking into account factors like overall pace in qualifying and the races, consistency, rate of mistakes, how each progressed through the year, how they fared against their respective team-mates, and many more.

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