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Seven ‘Icon’ drivers unveiled for F1 2021’s My Team mode

May 17 2021
By Nathan Quinn

The seven ‘Icon’ drivers that will be included in the upcoming F1 2021 game’s Deluxe Edition have just been revealed and include five former world champions.

Michael Schumacher returns from F1 2020, although this time he will be available to sign as your team-mate in the My Team career mode rather than just being selectable to drive as.

F1 2021 Game Icons Schumacher Pic 1

Schumacher’s overall rating is 94, which is one higher than Lewis Hamilton’s rating after all of the driver rating updates to F1 2020. None of the stats for the regular 2021 grid have been revealed yet.

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Also at a 94 overall rating is Ayrton Senna, which makes the duo the joint highest-rated drivers amongst the seven icons.

Four-time champion Alain Prost has a 93 overall rating and both he and Senna previously featured in F1 2019.

Senna Schumacher Prost F1 2021

Previous champions Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg will also be able to become your team-mate as they have an overall rating of 90 and 89 respectively.

This should put them amongst the highest-rated drivers in the game, as only Max Verstappen and Hamilton exceeded a baseline 90 overall rating in F1 2020.

David Coulthard and Felipe Massa complete the roster of seven drivers with 87 and 86 overall ratings respectively.

Button Rosberg Coulthard Massa F1 2021

All seven Icons will be available to be selected to join your created team from the very start of a My Team career mode, provided you have the Deluxe Edition.

The ratings for the current Formula 1 drivers will be revealed closer to the launch of F1 2021.

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