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Our world-class team of journalist have been working the paddocks of the leading motorsport series for decades. This has given them a sensational list of contacts and the ability to cut through the spin to bring you the true story behind the headlines and to offer fresh perspective and insight into some of the most fascinating stories from motorsport’s rich history.

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World-class journalists to take you inside the paddock

Formula 1 – Mark Hughes, Edd Straw, Scott Mitchell, Gary Anderson
Formula E – Sam Smith, Peter McCool
MotoGP – Simon Patterson, Toby Moody, Neil Spalding
Indycar – Jack Benyon
Esports – Nathan Quinn

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Connecting fans with the writers

Interact with The Race’s writers through Live Q&A sessions, to get insider knowledge from those with the inside line on motorsport. Share your thoughts on various topics with fellow fans through intelligent, engaging discussions.

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Readers rate 98.3% of The Race articles as Brilliant!

“I just wanted to email to say I'm loving the content you're producing so far. I know that launching digital platforms can be difficult, especially in the current climate, but I want everyone at The Race to be encouraged and keep doing what you do best - report on motorsports in both informative and fun ways.”
Stephen James, UK

“Hi guys, I just wanted to say big thanks for your continued content. I have just fallen hard for your retro F1 podcast (bring back v10s). From a Gen X whose knowledge base of the 80s and early 90s is limited to "year in review" tapes I am just hooked on the wealth of insight you are providing. I took a break in the early 2000s (having kids) from F1 but your recent podcast on McLaren circa 2002 was just such an enthralling listen.”
Nick, Australia

“Just a quick message to say I really think you are doing a great job with the- Enjoying the all of the top quality articles and podcasts.”
Chris Preece

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