Podcast: The man who led Ducati and Honda to MotoGP titles - The Race

Podcast: The man who led Ducati and Honda to MotoGP titles

Jul 26 2021

The latest episode of The Race MotoGP Podcast is a special in-depth conversation with former team boss Livio Suppo, who won championships with Ducati and Honda in MotoGP.

The Italian was the man in charge of Ducati’s project when it decided to enter grand prix racing for 2003, and he took the red bikes through a rollercoaster first few years until everything came good with Casey Stoner in 2007. In the years that followed he would switch to Honda, where he tasted championship success again with Stoner, and then the early years of Marc Marquez’s dominance of the series.

In this incredible interview, Suppo talks host Toby Moody through his career in great detail, all the way from his early experience in the paddock with Benetton in the 1990s, to the role he played in getting Ducati to make the leap into MotoGP, the gambles taken that led to that first title, what it was like working with Stoner, why he switched to Honda, the emergence of Marquez, what led to his departure from HRC and what he thinks of the Japanese firm’s current situation in MotoGP.

Jul 26 : Livio Suppo: How to win MotoGP titles with Ducati and Honda

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