IndyCar podcast: Debating our 2021 driver rankings - The Race

IndyCar podcast: Debating our 2021 driver rankings

Nov 1 2021

Having both revealed their rankings for the top 10 drivers of the year, The Race IndyCar Podcast hosts JR Hildebrand and Jack Benyon explain their respective orders on this week’s special episode.

JR’s top 10 and Jack’s top 10 are merged and averaged out to create a joint ranking for the season.

The hosts explain their respective rankings and discuss what impressed them (or didn’t) about the drivers in the list.

Do you think either got their rankings wrong, had a driver in the wrong place or omitted a worthy driver altogether? Let us know what you would have done differently in your ranking.

Nov 01 : Our top 10 IndyCar drivers of 2021

The Race IndyCar Podcast will return with more news, interviews and insight through the off-season.

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