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Full details of Lynn’s huge Diriyah Formula E crash revealed

Feb 28 2021
By Sam Smith

Alex Lynn’s Mahindra backflipped in a similar manner to Mark Webber’s 2010 Valencia Formula 1 crash in the massive Diriyah Formula E accident.

Lynn was discharged from hospital on Saturday night and is currently on his way back to the UK.

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He has no significant injuries from the incident, which caused the second round of the 2021 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship season to be halted and was regarded by some drivers as the biggest crash in series’ history so far.

“The car is a 100% write-off. The tub is smashed, the roll hoop is damaged and the halo is dented and scratched deeply” :: Dilbagh Gill

Lynn was fighting with Mitch Evans for 14th position when the two came into contact before the braking zone for the Turn 18 complex.

Brief footage seen by The Race and subsequently released by Formula E suggests the Mahindra rode over the back of Evans’ Jaguar and became almost perpendicular to the track, flying close to the wall and debris fence.

It then landed on its side and slid along the track for a considerable distance on its rollover structure before slamming into a tecpro barrier, which shifted the retaining wall back several metres.

The comparable Webber crash occurred when the Red Bull driver went flying over the back of Heikki Kovalainen’s Lotus during the 2010 European Grand Prix.


Speaking about the incident for the first time, Mahindra team principal Dilbagh Gill told The Race that the accident “completely destroyed the car” and that the FIA mandated halo contributed “considerably to his [Lynn’s] safety.”

“The car is a 100% write-off,” Gill told The Race. “The tub is smashed, the roll hoop is damaged and the halo is dented and scratched deeply.”

The car was released back to Mahindra once it was ascertained Lynn was uninjured and it will be transported back to the team’s UK base next week.

“Alex responded on the radio to say that he was OK. But it was not very strong, so that gave us a bit of an indication that he needed some assistance” :: Dilbagh Gill

Mahindra will build up its spare car for Lynn to race at the Rome E-Prix in April.

Gill also described the slightly confused nature of the aftermath of the accident, which was missed by the host TV broadcaster as it instead focused on a separate incident involving Tom Blomqvist and Maximilian Guenther that took place just ahead of the Lynn and Evans clash.

“It was not captured in television so there was some uncertainty as to what had happened to Alex,” said Gill.

“He responded on the radio to say that he was OK.

“But it was not very strong, so that gave us a bit of an indication that he needed some assistance and they got him on a flat-board, etc.

“He was a bit dazed so it was suggested for him to go to hospital as he had been on his head for quite a bit.

“He smashed the steering wheel with his legs, so the regen paddles were broken and he had sore knees.”

Alex Lynn Mahindra Diriyah Formula E 2021

Lynn was released after precautionary checks around midnight local time in Riyadh before returning to his hotel.

Gill gave The Race an update before Lynn travelled back to the UK.

“He’s less sore than what he expected to be,” said Gill.

“He did not have to take any paracetamol or anything like that last night and he has boarded the plane back to England, so things are looking OK.”

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