Video: Is Monza finish outrage justified or ridiculous? - The Race
Formula 1

Video: Is Monza finish outrage justified or ridiculous?

Sep 11 2022

Formula 1 and the FIA received plenty of criticism both inside the paddock and from fans after the Italian Grand Prix fizzled out with a long safety car period.

But amid the clamour for format or rule changes to ensure racing finishes, there is also a line of argument that this will sometimes just happen in motorsport and there’s no need for contrived, kneejerk changes.

And that debate is taking place among The Race’s team too – as Glenn Freeman, Ben Anderson and Scott Mitchell-Malm prove in our new video on the subject.

Glenn: “I just think the lesson that should have been learned from the end of last year was a better system than – this far into the 21st century – still ending a race under a full course yellow.”

Ben: “I don’t really see what all the fuss is about here. The safety car isn’t deployed to make the races more exciting – that’s a happy accident that you sometimes get. The point of the safety car is to protect the field and particularly the marshals. And sometimes, you just run out of time.”

Scott: “I understand that some people in life just like eating plain bread sandwiches and watching paint dry but I just don’t fit into the same category as Ben I’m afraid, so I completely disagree!”

Here’s their full debate, including suggestions for what – if anything – should change:


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