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Tech podcast: How to build an F1 car from zero – then repair it

Nov 24 2022

There’s a simple truth in Formula 1, and that’s that if there were no mechanics to run the cars, there would be no racing.

This week’s episode of The Race F1 Tech Show digs into the technical aspects of a mechanic’s job with the help of former McLaren mechanic-turned-broadcaster, Marc Priestley.

Priestley describes the chain of command amongst mechanics, the complex process of building an F1 car from scratch with no manual to work from, how you go about rebuilding a car that’s been crashed at 150mph, the anxiety of tackling a pitstop, and much more.

Before that, former F1 technical director Gary Anderson tells host Edd Straw why he has concerns about the recent proposal to introduce wheel arches into F1 to reduce spray in wet weather, and his suggestion for an alternative solution to the problem.

And finally, Gary answers another question from a listener, which this week is on whether teams could run a textured conveyor belt in the windtunnel to simulate bumpy circuits.

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