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Podcast: Honda’s 2021 chances and other listener questions

Jan 11 2021

We answer listener questions on the 2021 Formula 1 season in the latest edition of The Race Formula 1 Podcast.

Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell join Edd Straw to discuss a wide range of topics, including what we expect from Red Bull and Honda given this is the Japanese engine manufacturer’s final year in F1.

The likely extent of the disruption to the calendar, Lance Stroll’s job security and the reasons behind the change in tyre specification this season are among the questions too.

We also consider expectations for Haas and whether Renault needs a customer team following the loss of McLaren to help drive engine development.

Lando Norris’s top-team potential, the chances of the 2022 regulations being postponed and the impact of this year’s tweaked aerodynamic regs are among the other questions answered.

The Race F1 Podcast is released at least once a week and available free to subscribe to from all good podcast suppliers, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Jan 11 : What to expect from Honda in 2021

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