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F1 unveils new 2022 car mock-ups with team liveries

Jul 16 2021
By Scott Mitchell-Malm

Formula 1 and its teams have released a host of images mocking up their current liveries on the championship’s interpretation of what the new cars could look like in 2022.

F1 revealed a life-sized version of its 2022 car model ahead of the British Grand Prix on Thursday, complete with a garish livery with a holographic effect.

Now nine of the 10 teams – excluding Ferrari – have followed suit on Friday by publishing images of that same model with their 2021 liveries.

Red Bull




Aston Martin

Aston Martin F1


Alfa Romeo



However, this is not a prescribed design that every team must follow because F1 is not a single-make formula and this was just one interpretation, created by F1 and the FIA, of the new rules.

Though there were subtle differences from the digital renders and windtunnel models seen when the rules package was first publicly presented back in 2019, F1’s version of the next-generation design was nothing new.

F1’s next-generation car was meant to be introduced this year but got delayed to 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so F1’s been relying primarily on digitally-created images with “2021” branding to market the new rules.

This launch, and the liveried customisation of the model, provides a host of new material to build up to the new era next year.

It is highly unlikely the final version of the cars will closely resemble this launch variant.

Even when the rules were first published, F1 mocked up three different designs to show that the new regulations aren’t going to be too prescriptive and there are still plenty of design freedoms.

The FIA has even permitted greater design freedom than initially intended since then, although reserves the right to change the rules if teams go too far and compromise the aims of the new regulations, designed to create better racing.

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