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F1 announces its first mobile Esports competition

Sep 7 2020
By Nathan Quinn

Formula 1 launched its second esports championship on Monday – with an all-new series starting on the free to play mobile app F1 Mobile Racing.

Monthly leagues running over the course September, October and November will determine who qualifies for the nine-round final in December.

The winner will be crowned the F1 Mobile Racing Esports Champion with the prizes for the mobile esports series not yet announced.

New players won’t be able to compete in the monthly leagues straight away as you need to have completed a certain number of in-game challenges before you can join the esports league.

The F1 Mobile Racing Esports Series will have no bearing on the main F1 Esports Series which will start its first Pro Series race on October 4.

F1 Mobile Racing 2020 Pic 4

“Mobile esports is a booming industry as Gen Zs and Gen Alpha spend more time gaming and on their phones,” said Julian Tan, Head of Digital Business Initiatives and Esports at Formula 1.

“We see huge potential to develop our product set and expertise in this area in our ongoing effort to reach out and build our younger fanbase, providing ever more touchpoints for them to engage with Formula 1.

“This is part of F1’s strategy to continue making the sport more accessible to our fans through gaming and esports, especially with F1 Mobile Racing developed by Codemasters being completely free to download and with participation being free and open to all.

“We are excited to kick off our search for our inaugural F1 Mobile Racing Esports Champion 2020!”

F1 Mobile Racing 2020 Pic 2

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