BMW and Redline join V10 R-League esports series

Aug 19 2020
By Nathan Quinn

BMW Motorsport SIM Racing Team and Porsche24 Redline complete the eight team roster taking part in the all new V10 R-League.

They join Red Bull Racing Esports, Williams Esports, Racing Point Esports, Jean Alesi Esports Academy Team Suzuki, Team Fordzilla and the newly founded YAS HEAT esports team un the new series, which has a £100,000 prize fund up for grabs.

The eight teams will be competing against one another in head-to-head matches, all held on Assetto Corsa. Each head-to-head event, or match, will be made up of three rounds with different forms of racing.

A completely new, open wheeled, V10 engined car will be used throughout the tournament.

Team Redline’s three drivers will be Atze Kerkhof, Ben Cornett and Michal Smidl.

BMW have four named drivers which are Cem Bolukbasi, Laurin Heinrich, Coque Lopez, and Kevin Siggy.


Siggy  won the sim racers championship in the Formula E Race at Home Challenge, representing the BMW Formula E team.

Bolukbasi has a wealth of sim racing experience, and more recently has been involved in real world racing as he’s driven a BMW M4 GT4 in the GT4 European Series.

Only three drivers from each team can take part in any one match, but many teams have named more than three in case one driver can’t take part in a particular event.

As of yet an exact start date for the competition hasn’t been announced.


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