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Bring Back V10s early access to new episodes

Nov 2 2021

New episodes of our Bring Back V10s classic F1 podcast are released early and ad-free to The Race Members’ Club.

Every time a new episode is uploaded, you’ll be able to find it at the top of this page in advance of the usual Thursday release date.

Thank you for being part of our Members’ Club. We really appreciate your support. Keep an eye on your email inbox later in the series, as we’ll be offering members the chance to submit your questions for a special episode devoted to the things you want to know from the V10 era of F1.


S6 E5: 1992 Monaco Grand Prix

Nigel Mansell’s unbeaten start to the 1992 F1 season came to an end in dramatic fashion as he narrowly lost out to Ayrton Senna on the streets of Monte Carlo. Mark Hughes and Sam Smith join host Glenn Freeman to look back at a memorable weekend in Monaco, and all the other major topics in F1 at that time. As well as Mansell’s heartbreak, we delve into the claims that he and Williams were too dominant early in 1992, and hear what Nigel thinks of those suggestions even today in an exclusive interview. There’s also talk of comparisons between F1 and IndyCar, how Mansell’s negotiations with Williams for 1993 were already looking problematic by this stage, Mika Hakkinen’s change of attitude at Lotus, Ligier’s decline, Damon Hill’s travails in a hopeless Brabham, and talking of hopeless – Roberto Moreno’s miracle performance to qualify for the race driving an Andrea Moda!

Listen to “BBV10s S6 E5: 1992 Monaco Grand Prix” on Spreaker.

S6 E4: 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix

The 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix is famous for being the day Fernando Alonso took his first victory in F1, lapping Michael Schumacher in the process. Host Glenn Freeman is joined by Mark Hughes and special guest Ted Kravitz to look back on the first race held on the revised layout of the Hungaroring – which was changed in a bid to improve the racing. We also hear from Alonso himself on the importance of that first win in his emergence as a superstar during the 2000s. There’s also discussion on the 2004 driver market, Juan Pablo Montoya’s attempts to change his approach, Ralph Firman’s unlucky run of big crashes caused by car failures at Jordan, Williams getting a grid penalty overturned for Ralf Schumacher, the role Mark Webber played in Alonso’s win, and why Ferrari struggled so much during the summer of 2003. Plus a brief look at the tyre controversy that would erupt before the next round at Monza and turn the title fight on its head.

Listen to “BBV10s S6 E4: Hungary 2003 – Alonso’s first win” on Spreaker.

S6 E3: 1996 Australian Grand Prix

Jacques Villeneuve came heartbreakingly close to winning on his F1 debut in the 1996 Australian Grand Prix, only losing out when he was told to slow down to save his engine, allowing Williams team-mate Damon Hill through for victory. Glenn Freeman is joined by Matt Beer and former Jordan F1 designer Gary Anderson to look back at F1’s first weekend in Melbourne, including Villeneuve’s remarkable debut, and what Gary thought when he saw his yellow Jordan fly through the air and break in half in Martin Brundle’s famous first lap crash. They also discuss the impact of the post-Schumacher upheaval at Benetton, Mika Hakkinen’s return to racing after his horrific Adelaide crash in 1995, a wake-up call for David Coulthard with Ron Dennis, rules controversy as two teams took a clever approach to the new-for-’96 cockpit sides, and what the paddock thought of Bridgestone’s announcement it was coming to F1 to take on Goodyear – originally for 1998.

Listen to “BBV10s S6 E3: 1996 Australian GP – Villeneuve’s stunning F1 debut” on Spreaker.

S6 E2: 2004 Belgian Grand Prix

The 2004 Belgian Grand Prix was the scene for Kimi Raikkonen’s first win at the majestic Spa circuit, and it was also the day Michael Schumacher claimed his final world championship with Ferrari as he tasted defeat in a race for just the second time that season. Glenn Freeman is joined by Edd Straw and ex-McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley to look back on the weekend, where Raikkonen held off Schumacher to claim a win that had seemed impossible for McLaren earlier in the season when its original 2004 car was hopelessly off the pace. They also discuss the impact of that summer’s Jenson Button contract saga, Jacques Villeneuve’s bid to replace Button at BAR, the big debate over F1’s rules and race format in the wake of Ferrari’s dominance, Toyota’s failure to make an impression despite a huge budget, Williams’s dig at teams still running tobacco sponsorship, how Renault’s race fell apart, and how McLaren felt to be celebrating a first win in over a year while Ferrari and Schumacher were cementing a fifth-straight title together.

Listen to “BBV10s S6 E2: Spa 2004 – Raikkonen wins, Schumacher makes history” on Spreaker.

S6 E1: Andretti’s 1993 F1 nightmare

Bring Back V10s returns for series 6 with the story of Michael Andretti’s terrible 1993 F1 season with McLaren – available two weeks early to The Race Members’ Club! Veteran journalist and author David Tremayne – who covered Andretti’s campaign first hand – joins Glenn Freeman and Edd Straw to revisit why a partnership between two of the most famous names in racing went so badly wrong.

Listen to “BBV10s S6 E1: Andretti’s 1993 F1 nightmare” on Spreaker.

S5 E12: Your questions answered – part 2

We finish the series with Gary Anderson and Mark Hughes joining Glenn Freeman to tackle more questions from our audience. Topics covered include: Colin McRae’s Jordan test in 1996, if Toyota should have won the 2005 Belgian GP, how many championships Michael Schumacher would have won without special Bridgestone tyres in the 2000s, if Jenson Button could have won a world championship with Renault, and if Damon Hill was the greatest test and development driver of all time.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E12: Your questions answered – part 2” on Spreaker.

S5 E11: Your questions answered – part 1

Edd Straw and Matt Beer join Glenn Freeman for the first of our two-part series finale where we answer your questions about the V10 era of F1 from 1989-2005. Topics covered include: the prospect of Nigel Mansell at Benetton in 1993-4, if Juan Pablo Montoya’s F1 career was underrated, tracks that fell off the F1 calendar during this era, the fastest team-mate pairings, over- and under-achieving cars, Flavio Briatore’s engine contract games and which F1 minnow would have been most deserving of a massive cash injection.

As part of The Race Members’ Club, look out for your chance to ask questions for an exclusive members-only episode after series five has finished. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E11: Your questions answered – part 1” on Spreaker.

S5 E10: Mexican GP 1990

The 1990 Mexican Grand Prix is famous for Alain Prost’s greatest F1 victory, and one of Nigel Mansell’s greatest overtakes. Edd Straw and Sam Smith join Glenn Freeman to look back at all the major talking points from that race and everything going on in F1 at the time, including speculation over Ayrton Senna’s future, the mysterious Mexican F1 team that never was, the use of ‘antisocial’ fuel chemicals in F1, Leyton House hitting rock bottom, and Gerhard Berger’s ‘ugly’ overtake that set the scene for Mansell’s famous revenge.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E10: 1990 Mexican GP” on Spreaker.

S5 E9: San Marino GP 2005

The 2005 San Marino Grand Prix will always be remembered for Michael Schumacher’s thrilling pursuit of Fernando Alonso in the closing stages of the race. Current Sky F1 pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz joins Glenn Freeman and Mark Hughes to look back on a memorable weekend that also featured BAR’s exclusion and a ban for cheating, McLaren unlocking the pace of what would become 2005’s fastest car, and Red Bull’s early moves off track to establish itself as a credible contender in F1. We also get to the bottom of ITV’s controversial late-race ad break that caused so much uproar with UK viewers.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E9: 2005 San Marino GP” on Spreaker.

S5 E8: Prost Grand Prix – 1997

Alain Prost’s on-off saga over possibly buying the Ligier Formula 1 team finally resulted in the four-time world champion taking over the French outfit and renaming it Prost Grand Prix just before the start of the 1997 season. Karun Chandhok and Matt Beer join Glenn Freeman to look back at the team’s first year under its new identity, where things started off so well. We explore what could have been possible had Olivier Panis not broken his legs at the Canadian Grand Prix, the fluctuating form of the team and stand-in driver Jarno Trulli, a falling out with Damon Hill, and how the signs were already showing that this was as good as it would get for Prost’s team.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E8: The first year of Prost Grand Prix (1997)” on Spreaker.

S5 E7: Portuguese GP 1989

The 1989 Portuguese Grand Prix will forever be remembered for Nigel Mansell getting black flagged, having a collision with Ayrton Senna, then being banned for the following race. Sam Smith and Andrew van de Burgt join Glenn Freeman to discuss that huge controversy in great detail, as well as everything else that was going on in F1 around that time, including tension between Alain Prost and McLaren-Honda, Williams bringing a new car out so late in the season, Onyx firing one of its drivers and getting a memorable underdog podium, plus the only lap in F1 that was ever led by a Minardi.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E7: 1989 Portuguese Grand Prix” on Spreaker.

S5 E6: Canadian GP 2008

It’s a Bring Back V8s special! Mark Hughes and Edd Straw join Glenn Freeman to reflect on one of the most memorable races from F1’s V8 era, where Robert Kubica took the only win of his F1 career. We also discuss Lewis Hamilton’s blunder in the pitlane, Fernando Alonso’s talks with Honda, the incoming rule changes for 2009, and if BMW threw away a chance of fighting for the world championship with Kubica over the rest of 2008.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E6: 2008 Canadian Grand Prix” on Spreaker.

S5 E5: Belgian GP 1992

One year on from his memorable debut for Jordan, Michael Schumacher returned to Spa to claim the first of his 91 F1 victories with Benetton. F1 journalist and author David Tremayne joins Glenn Freeman and Edd Straw to share his stories and recollections from being at Spa that weekend, witnessing Schumacher’s breakout win and why it felt special at the time. We also revisit the chaos that had broken out in the driver market over that summer, as Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost were at the centre of a brewing controversy over Williams’s driver line-up for 1993.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E5: 1992 Belgian GP” on Spreaker.

S5 E4: German GP 1994

The 1994 German Grand Prix was a memorable weekend for F1 on track, in the paddock and even in the pitlane. Glenn Freeman is joined by Edd Straw and longtime F1 journalist Tony Dodgins – who was at Hockenheim that weekend – to discuss everything from Ferrari’s first win since 1990, Jos Verstappen’s terrifying pitstop fire, and Benetton’s mysterious ‘Option 13’ driver aids controversy.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E4: 1994 German GP” on Spreaker.

S5 E3: The Walrus Williams

Williams’s slide down the F1 pecking order in the 2000s began with the infamous ‘Walrus’ nose design it started the year with in 2004. Jonathan Williams and Karun Chandhok join Glenn Freeman to reflect on the memorable but ultimately unsuccessful design, which was ditched mid-season. We look into why the team tried it, why it didn’t work, and the upheaval Williams was going through behind the scenes, with both drivers moving on for 2005, a major technical shake-up inside the team, and growing tension with BMW.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E3: The 2004 ‘Walrus’ Williams” on Spreaker.

S5 E2: Spanish GP 2001

The 2001 Spanish Grand Prix was a day to forget for McLaren. Not only did Mika Hakkinen lose victory by breaking down on the final lap, but team boss Ron Dennis landed himself in hot water with David Coulthard by incorrectly suggesting the Scot suffered ‘brain fade’ when his car stalled on the grid. Mark Hughes and Matt Beer join Glenn Freeman to reflect on those stories plus everything else that was going on in F1 at the time, including the return of driver aids, Jaguar’s struggles, Flavio Briatore vs Jenson Button, and BAR’s first podium.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E2: 2001 Spanish GP” on Spreaker.

S5 E1: British GP 1998

As a special festive present to our members, we’ve released episode one of series five THREE WEEKS early! For the first time in Bring Back V10s history we’re heading to 1998, and the controversial finish to the British Grand Prix. Edd Straw and Gary Anderson join Glenn Freeman to discuss the shambles that led to Michael Schumacher claiming victory while entering the pits to serve a penalty, as well as all the other major talking points from the race and what was going on in F1 at the time.

Listen to “BBV10s S5 E1: 1998 British GP” on Spreaker.

Bonus: More of your questions answered

In our latest exclusive bonus episode of Bring Back V10s for The Race Members’ Club, we’re tackling more of your questions that we didn’t get to at the end of series four. Edd Straw joins Glenn Freeman to talk about subjects including Jordan vs Vodafone, the worst drivers and cars of the era, giantkilling performances, controversial former FIA president Jean-Marie Balestre, and Alex Wurz’s F1 career. We also revisit our discussion with Jonathan Williams about how his family’s F1 team approached looking for a new driver line-up for 2005. We heard from Jonathan briefly in our Monaco 2004 episode, but now our members can hear the uncut interview!

Listen to “BBV10s bonus: More members’ questions answered + Jonathan Williams interview” on Spreaker.

Bonus: A Williams insider on Mansell’s 1994 return

In this special bonus episode, former Williams commercial chief Richard West recalls what it was like to be one of the key figures involved in bringing Nigel Mansell back for four races in 1994 following the death of Ayrton Senna. We heard from Richard a couple of times in our Mansell 1994 episode earlier in the series, but now our members can listen to his full interview uncut!

Listen to “BBV10s bonus: A Williams insider on Mansell’s 1994 return” on Spreaker.

S4 E12: Ask us anything – part two

Series four of Bring Back V10s ends with us taking more questions from our audience. Edd Straw and Matt Beer join Glenn Freeman to tackle topics including Montoya vs Villeneuve if they’d been team-mates at Williams, which Hockenheim layout was best, how Michael Andretti would have got on at Ferrari rather than McLaren, Senna and Schumacher as team-mates, the 107% rule, how good Luca Badoer really was, McLaren vs Williams in 1991, plus the best and worst seasons of the V10 era and much much more.

Listen to “BBV10s S4 E12: Ask us anything – part 2” on Spreaker.

S4 E11: Ask us anything – part one

Gary Anderson and Mark Hughes join Glenn Freeman for the first of our two-part Bring Back V10s series finale, where we’re taking questions submitted on Twitter, via email, from podcast reviews, and of course those submitted by The Race Members’ Club. Topics for this episode include: Mika Hakkinen vs Michael Schumacher, the loophole Williams and Jordan exploited in the 1996 head protection regulations, grooved tyres, why V10s took over in F1, Ferrari’s brief disqualification from the 1999 Malaysian Grand Prix, Flavio Briatore’s impact on F1, and why Mark doesn’t rank Alain Prost as one of his top F1 drivers of all time. 

Listen to “BBV10s S4 E11: Ask us anything – part 1” on Spreaker.

S4 E10: BAR 1999

BAR burst onto the F1 scene in 1999 with sky high expectations… then finished bottom of the championship in its first season without scoring a single point. Edd Straw and Sam Smith join host Glenn Freeman to revisit how this big-budget team got things so wrong at the first attempt – featuring insight from Adrian Reynard, who was one of the team’s founders and became mired in the politics that ran riot in a season where BAR was unreliable on the track and controversial off of it.

Listen to “BBV10s S4 E10: BAR 1999” on Spreaker.

S4 E9: Multi 21 – Malaysia 2013

Bring Back V10s ventures into the V8 era of F1 to revisit the famous ‘Multi 21’ dispute between Red Bull team-mates Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix. Karun Chandhok and Edd Straw join Glenn Freeman to discuss the fall-out in great detail, as well as looking at everything else that was going on in F1 around that time, from complaints about Pirelli’s tyres, McLaren and Williams battling poor new cars, and the other team orders incident that took place at Mercedes

Listen to “BBV10s S4 E9: Multi 21 – Malaysia 2013” on Spreaker.

S4 E8: Andrea Moda

Perry McCarthy joins Edd Straw and host Glenn Freeman to recall what it was like being a part of the infamous Andrea Moda backmarker team in 1992. We revisit how the team ended up in F1, why it was thrown out of the first race it turned up to, battling to get its new cars ready to even run, how it somehow qualified for a race, the bizarre reasons it ended up missing some grands prix entirely, and just how bad things got before it was kicked out of F1 a week after its team boss had been arrested in the paddock.

Listen to “BBV10s S4 E8: Andrea Moda – with Perry McCarthy” on Spreaker.

S4 E7: Brazil 2003

The 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix will forever be remembered as a day of chaos for F1, and the race where the correct winner wasn’t declared until five days after the race. Mark Hughes and Gary Anderson join Glenn Freeman to recall their memories of being at Interlagos that day, and Gary gives his first-hand account of how Jordan pulled off a shock victory with one of the slowest cars on the 2003 grid – plus what went on behind the scenes when McLaren’s Kimi Raikkonen was mistakenly given the victory. We also discuss Ferrari’s rocky start to 2003, that season’s controversial rule changes, why Michael Schumacher was such a fan of driver aids, and the infamous Turn 3 car park of crashed cars caused by the track flooding during the race.

Listen to “BBV10s S4 E7: Brazil 2003” on Spreaker.

S4 E6: Mansell’s 1994 comeback

Nigel Mansell made a shock return to Formula 1 for four races with Williams in 1994 following the death of Ayrton Senna. Karun Chandhok and Edd Straw join Glenn Freeman to look back in detail at how Mansell ended up combining a part-time F1 schedule with his unsuccessful Indycar title defence, what was going on behind the scenes around the deal, and why Williams didn’t keep him for 1995.

Listen to “BBV10s S4 E6: Mansell’s 1994 F1 comeback” on Spreaker.

S4 E5: Monaco 2004

Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell join Glenn to revisit the only win of Jarno Trulli’s F1 career, which came in commanding fashion on the streets of Monte Carlo in 2004. It was an eventful weekend for F1 on and off track, with Ferrari’s dominance of the season being broken, controversial incidents involving Takuma Sato, Giancarlo Fisichella, Fernando Alonso, Ralf Schumacher, and of course Juan Pablo Montoya and Michael Schumacher colliding in the tunnel… behind the safety car. We also look at the driver market, McLaren’s B-spec car development, and even Jaguar’s lost diamond.

Listen to “Bring Back V10s S4 E5: Monaco 2004” on Spreaker.

S4 E4: Imola 1989

Edd Straw and Sam Smith are on hand with Glenn to go all the way back to the second race of the V10 era: the 1989 San Marino Grand Prix. Among the many talking points from F1 at that time, the two unforgettable moments from that Imola weekend were the fireball accident that Gerhard Berger survived, and the huge falling out between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost that became the true beginning of one of F1’s most famous rivalries spiralling out of control.

Listen to “Bring Back V10s S4 E4: Imola 1989 – The Senna/Prost war begins” on Spreaker.

S4 E3: France 2002

Mark Hughes and Gary Anderson join Glenn to look back on an eventful weekend at Magny-Cours, where Michael Schumacher claimed his fifth world championship, denying Kimi Raikkonen a maiden F1 win with a late pass after the McLaren slid wide on oil. We also discuss the demise of Arrows, and Jordan’s bid to draft in Heinz-Harald Frentzen as a last-minute replacement for the injured Giancarlo Fisichella – one year after the team fired the German.

Listen to “Bring Back V10s S4 E3: France 2002 – Schumacher makes history” on Spreaker.

S4 E2: When Schumacher moved to Ferrari

Ex-F1 driver and Sky Sports F1 expert Karun Chandhok and Matt Beer join Glenn to reflect on how Michael Schumacher’s switch from Benetton to Ferrari for 1996 rocked the F1 driver market. We look at why Schumacher turned down offers from Williams and McLaren, how much Ferrari was paying him, the moves that happened elsewhere on the grid once his deal was signed, the long list of drivers that turned down the chance to be his team-mate, and his rocky first winter spent in the red of Ferrari.

Listen to “Bring Back V10s S4 E2: When Schumacher moved to Ferrari” on Spreaker.

S4 E1: Alonso’s rookie year with Minardi

Series four of Bring Back V10s begins with an in-depth look at Fernando Alonso’s rookie year in F1, spent at the back of the grid with Minardi. Mark Hughes and Edd Straw join Glenn to discuss how Alonso ended up being placed in the slowest car on the grid by Flavio Briatore, the ownership change on the eve of the season that saved the team, Alonso’s heroics that embarrassed some midfield teams he had no business battling with or qualifying ahead of, and why Renault chose to have him test full-time in 2002 rather than carry on racing.

Listen to “Bring Back V10s S4 E1: Alonso’s rookie F1 season” on Spreaker.

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