Charles Leclerc Ferrari F1 Esports Virtual GP Series 2020

Leclerc wins on Virtual Grand Prix series debut

Ferrari Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc dominated the championship’s replacement Vietnam Grand Prix, held at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, on his Virtual Grand Prix series debut

57 mins ago By Scott Mitchell

Driver Standings '19

1David Tonizza184
2Frederik Rasmussen171
3Daniel Bereznay128
4Jarno Opmeer123
5Brendon Leigh77
6Marcel Kiefer60
7Bono Huis59
8Alvaro Carreton58
9Joni Tormala57
10Salih Saltunc48
11Tino Naukkarinen47
12Enzo Bonito46
13Cedric Thorne38
14Patrik Holzmann30
15Lucas Blakely20
16Daniele Haddad19
17Nicolas Longuet18
18Simon Weigang11
19Floris Wijers8
20Patryk Krutyj6
21Cem Bolukbasi4
22Manuel Biancolilla1
23Martin Stefanko0
24Daniel Shields0
25Amos Laurito0
26Jan Fehler0
27Isaac Price0
28Gianfranco Giglioli0

Team Standings ’19

1Red Bull246
3Alfa Romeo176
7Racing Point99
9Toro Rosso35

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